Kolsch ‘1977’

Speicher, or Kompakt Extra stalwart Kolsch delivers a collection of old and new techno work that should do well amongst fans of tough and melodious sounds.

Rainbow Arabia ‘FM Sushi’

The Los Angeles couple return to Kompakt with their second album. More of a grower than their first grab-you-by-the-balls outing, nonetheless it’s marvellous.

Michael Mayer announces limited tour ahead of new album

The Kompakt bossman will deliver his new album next month, and play a series of all-night long shows across the world, taking in his favourite clubs.

CHOICE CUT: John Tejada ‘The Predicting Machine’

Returning for a second album on Kompakt, Tejada creates a masterful meld of futurist electro breakbeats and deep tech- his best in years.

DJ Tennis feat. Pillow Talk ‘The Outcast’

Life And Death man DJ Tennis teams up with another face from the label, Pillow Talk, on the infamous Kompakt, with a remix from Metro Area’s Morgan Guest.

Free Michael Mayer track available to download here

Ahead of his forthcoming album the Kompakt bossman offers fans of techno and house music a little something for nothing.

Michael Mayer preps new album

The king of Kompakt arrives with what’s amazingly still only his second LP. Mantasy arrives early winter, and we’ve got all the details right here.

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Taragana Pyjarama ‘Tipped Bowls’

Nick Eriksen unveils his debut, which arrives on Kompakt, and brings with it lush soundscapes, from glitchy downbeat to strange but engrossing house music.

Superpitcher ‘Moon Fever Remixe’

Two years after the Kilimanjaro LP Superpitcher’s Moon Fever gets some excellent remixes from Gluteus Maximus (of Gus Gus) and Lawrence.