A Sagittariun ‘Dream Ritual’

The full length album from Bristol’s mysterious A Sagittariun finally arrives, and is every bit the mature tech outing we predicted. In short then, buzzing.

Ruff Cherry ‘The Section 31 EP’

Ruff Cherry / The Section 31 EP Vinyl / Digital  Elastic Dreams / Released April 2013   It’s always nice to see something quietly doing good things, and considering we’ve found time to positively review half the releases still-fledgling Bristol imprint Elastic Dreams has put out you’re probably clear on the fact we see this […]

A Sagittariun ‘Born Under 22 Stars EP’

Bristol’s best new techno imprint continues in fine form with mysterious main man A Sagittariun delivering four more tracks of interesting space age techno.

A Sagittariun ‘The Circle Stops Somewhere (& MD2 Rmxs)’

New Bristol imprint Elastic Dreams gives nothing away with its first release, but A Sagittariun’s The Circle Stops Somewhere is good enough to speak for itself.