Alex Smoke ‘Dust’

One of our favourite techno producers teams up with the legendary techno label for a bout of otherworldliness. We enjoyed it immensely.

Sid Le Rock ‘Busted With A Bag Of Bliss Remixes 1’

Fairmont, Justin Robertson as The Deadstock 33s, Remain and Space Ranger take on tracks from Mr. Le Rock’s recent album, veering from sleazy electro to techno.

Various Artists ‘Late Night Tales: After Dark’

DJ History’s Bill Brewster selects some essential funk, disco, and slo-mo cuts perfect for anyone who likes names like Weatherall, and wants to learn a little.

Aqob ‘The Red Planet EP’

Space-age techno of the curious, not pounding variety, three original tracks and one remix offer twinkling keys, a chorus of strings, and strange euphoria.

Radioactiveman ‘Waits and Measures’

Keith Tenniswood delivers his fourth album under the Radioactiveman moniker, and we rather like the electro breakbeats contained therein.

Taragana Pyjarama ‘Tipped Bowls’

Nick Eriksen unveils his debut, which arrives on Kompakt, and brings with it lush soundscapes, from glitchy downbeat to strange but engrossing house music.

Ukkonen ‘The Isolated Rhythms Of…’

Impressive and slightly otherworldly, Ukkonen’s Isolated Rhythms seem to be exactly what the dubby doctor ordered. One to check for sure.

A Sagittariun ‘Born Under 22 Stars EP’

Bristol’s best new techno imprint continues in fine form with mysterious main man A Sagittariun delivering four more tracks of interesting space age techno.

CHOICE CUT: Kellerkind ‘Basement Story’

Kellerkind delivers his first LP and there are plenty of highlights worth mentioning, with his original production work boasting a very high standard indeed.

New video from Livity Sound (Peverelist, Kowton and Asusu)

Hessle Audio takeover of FABRICLIVE in London tonight, with Livity Sound (Peverelist, Kowton and Asusu) delivering their first live performance in London.