Let The Machines Do The Work ft. Jesse Boykins III ‘Rain’

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Two nations divided by common language, Let The Machines Do The Work from Brighton and Jesse Boykins III from America, have come together to create a powerful working relationship. Their new project, Rain, which lands on Keri Chandler’s label MadTech Records, is supposed to be a summer smash, but the name of the track is well chosen.

With a mix of melodic drops of water and a dark clap and hum, the track emulates the sounds and senses of clouds bursting. Clever and catchy, its house beat grows on you with each and every listen, leaving no question as to why the release has already found favour with some notable international DJs. The lyrics from Jesse Boykins are turned into a rhythm that compliments the delicious baseline and melody that L.T.M.D.T.W does so well. Altogether the track takes you on a dark, damp road through house, with reminders of the title and spooky lyrics filtering through the baseline and beat.

Remixes by Celsius, Illyus & Barrientos and Anushka follow, all of which are on a deep house tip. They seem to show the gap between the eponymous showers with snappy snares and light high hats, suggesting these outings could well make it onto summer sessions yet. Arguably the most alternative of these is Anushka’s remix, wherein we’re given an altogether stripped back version of the original.  The album artwork perhaps represents the records mystery and illusion and is in keeping with Jesse Boykins III, who’s view of music is simple; “without a woman, art would not be so courageous”. Indeed.