‘Diva’ – New Single From Stefanie Black

Following on from the start of the year, which saw the release of the critically acclaimed ‘Winter of my Soul’, Stefanie Black is moving on to pastures new and has created yet another instant hit. The Germany based vocalist has been hard at work to create this new track, ‘Diva’. Born in the UK, Stefanie […]

Anna Lee and Hiromori Aso Release ‘Mercury’

Two of Abstraction Records’ finest artists choose to collaborate and create a combination release with inspired results. Anna Lee and Hiromori Aso have plenty of pedigree in creating ethereal and powerful tracks, and their joint effort has all the makings of an instant reminder. Potent Trance beats immediately hit the listener, with infectious melody and […]

Lodato: Artist Review

Lodato has all the traits to become an immeasurable force in the EDM industry. His genre blending sounds and inimitable production style has taken the scene by storm in the last couple of years, and he continues to grow as an artist. With remix releases for Atlantic Records and original releases on Sony, the world […]

Sergio T Drops ‘Mash Up Sessions #2’

Following up from the first mash up sessions, Sergio T and collaborator Chris Karr return with the second edition. Fitting in as many new and classic tracks in to 2/3 minutes with live arrangement from the duo, the mash up sessions are a wholly unique example of the musical prowess these guys possess. Last mash […]

DJ Phonon Drops ‘Don’t Want To Be Friends’

DJ Phonon continues his string of new releases with ‘Don’t Want To Be Friends’, and it delivers some serious heat. Haunting and powerful, the producer who has been responsible for 2018 tracks such as ‘Original Funk’ and ‘Elements’ hits all the right notes with his latest track. Starting with the emotional prowess you expect from […]

Phenatiks Drop ‘Bad Bitches’

Phenatiks are the Los Angeles duo who are reinvigorating and rejuvenating the G-House scene. Thriving on combining acoustic and electronic elements, the pair has a selection of sterling tracks under their belts already. The G-House genre is as delectable as it has ever been, but the addition of an artist striving to evolve and take […]

Drival Drops ‘I Got You’ On AVA Recordings

After the release recently of ‘See Me Now’ on Sueno Digital, Drival is back. Continuing his string of fine releases this year, he presents ‘I Got You’ courtesy of AVA Recordings. Enjoying a current hectic summer period, the DJ and producer from Spain is encapsulating audiences all over the world with his eclectic mixes, full […]

Doc Trashz – Flop Star

With a tongue in cheek name aimed at the growing Pop music artists who try their hand at Electronic sounds, there is nothing jokey about Doc Trashz’ ‘Flop Star’. The three track EP is a perfect example of how this Italian producer and DJ continues to impress with his versatile and evolving sounds. Producing for […]

Arthur Galestian Drops Global Entry Radio 004

Arthur Galestian is the music maestro who is constantly immersing himself in revolutionary, forward thinking Electronic music. With a vast history of playing shows and recording mixes, including featuring on Grammy nominated Paul Oakenfold’s radio show, he has shown over the last few years just how serious he is about his special brand of Progressive […]

‘Caling Your Name’ – Tommy Jones

Mexican producer Tommy Jones has continued to impress over the last few months, and he has taken 2018 by the scruff of the neck. With enthused audiences in all corners of the world enjoying his powerful productions, he is quickly becoming a household name amongst industry professionals who scout new talents. His newest single ‘Calling […]