Hotboxx and Vampire Sex Unleash ‘My Thing’: a Pulse-Racing House Journey

Coming back with another groovy House track, Hotboxx drops another release as part of Vampire Sex’s new EP ‘Look Into My Eyes’, via Whoyostro, the track titled ‘My Thing,’ is a production that’s sure to keep the listeners on the dancefloor. Known for his signature sound and style, Hotboxx has continue to rise in the Electronic Dance music scene, having perfected his craft for over a decade, the expertise and qualities that he brings to the table are undeniable, as he continues to express himself through vibrant productions, episodes of his radio show ‘All The Smoke’, and dynamic DJ performances, as his distinct funky sound continues to evolve and expand, inspiring and gaining recognition from audiences around the globe.  

After a string of successful collaboration together, with the release of release of ‘Roatan’ and the EP ‘Wanna Know Sumthing About Ya’, Hotboxx and Vampire Sex join forces once more to bring yet another energetic production for listeners to enjoy, merging their styles and delivering a listening experience that is both vivacious and compelling, these two artists are ready to present their latest work.  

The feel-good track, ‘My Thing,’ takes the listener on a sonic journey that starts with a slow-build that then creates a momentum and space for uplifting soulful vocals to shine. The progression and rhythm of the track creates an anticipation with shuffled beats, booming thumps, pulsating bass lines, and layering with edgy guitar riffs, delivering a groovy House track that is infectious and inviting. With this release, Vampire Sex present this fun collaboration with Hotboxx, as a taste of the musical and diverse rich culture of the Miami music scene. 

Stay tuned for updates from Hotboxx and follow him via social media on all major flatforms, as this producer promises new hard-hitting productions, as he continues to make a great feat in the House music scene. Immerse yourself with this latest danceable release, ‘My Thing,’ out now on Whoyostro White Label and available to stream, and download across platforms.  


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