Immerse Yourself in A ON’s Pulse-Racing New Release ‘Take All Pretty’

A ON unleashes his signature hard-hitting energy with the release of ‘Take All Pretty’. As he strikes back with yet another powerful Dance production, A ON no doubt makes his presence known, placing his unique talents in the spotlight once more; distinct in his approach, perspective and processes, A ON has fast been making a name for himself, gaining fans as listeners continue to become captivated by his original sonic persona. Now, as he expands his growing catalogue of productions, A ON appears to be keeping his drive and motivation high, offering more unmissable music for lovers of Electronic Music to enjoy.  

An innovator when it comes to his creative practices, A ON is undoubtedly one to keep watching within the genre today; despite only being at the beginning of his musical journey, under the alias of A ON, this talented Producer and Live performer has already delivered music that is both striking in sound and high in quality. Building a momentum that is sure to see him exploring and developing his style even further, A ON appears unlike any other on the scene, branching out with a sound that takes inspiration from a range of genres, merging elements from Trance, Techno and Acid House. As he delivers this new release, A ON makes sure his characteristic energy shines through, bringing a production infused with danceable vibes and catchy hooks.  

Opening with intricate layers of soaring sound, a thumping beat, and panned lead, ‘Take All Pretty’ soon propels into a party-starter production; as an infectious vocal leads the listening experience, pulsing synth lines weave between the staggering vocals, creating a soundscape that is sure to persuade listeners to take to the dancefloor. Then, with a powerful low end and energetic rhythms, the track becomes elevated with even more vibrant elements joining the mix; with glowing lines, lively arpeggiators, and pulsing leads, ‘Take All Pretty’ surely epitomises A ON’s electrifying signature sound and magnetic vibes, delivering a listening journey that is both enthralling and intoxicating.   

An invigorating sonic experience, this new track from A ON serves as powerful proof of his skills and abilities when it comes to creating unmissable music. So, make sure to keep an eye on this talented Producer by following him across social media. ‘Take All Pretty’ is out now and available to stream and download across platforms. 


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