Tony Kay Creates an Exciting and Electrifying Anthem in ‘Dihya’

Tony Kay strikes again with his latest single, ‘Dihya’; showcasing his signature characteristic sound, the talented DJ/Producer is here with this fresh new Tech House track, delivering electrifying vibes and hard-hitting energy. As he invites listeners to join the party, Tony Kay presents a distinctive sonic identity that sees him pushing creative boundaries to emerge as a powerful force on the Electronic Dance Music scene. With productions that continuously prove to be a must-listen for all fans of Electronic Music, Tony Kay’s new release is sure to become a firm favourite as it invigorates listeners around the globe with its vibrant sound.  

Having had a busy year so far, dropping hard-hitting music, performing live DJ sets, and presenting smash episodes of his weekly radio show ‘In The Mix’, Tony Kay is taking the Electronic Music scene by storm. As he continues to carve out his creative path, this talented Producer and DJ is poised to keep bringing his unique and innovative sound to listeners, captivating them with his unstoppable drive and dynamic energy. 

With ‘Dihya’, Tony Kay presents yet another funky and mighty-sounding anthem; infused with his signature infectious grooves, the track features a shuffled beat and punchy bassline that keeps the vibes high as the momentum builds. Joining the mix, processed vocal samples, and electrifying sonic elements add a unique colour to the track as acid synth lines and dynamic pads guide listeners through exciting breakdowns; with powerful drops that bring the energy, Tony Kay releases the party, enthralling listeners with his enveloping and high-octane style.   

As he continues making waves within Electronic Music, Tony Kay promises to keep bringing his fresh sound to the table. Raising the bar and elevating the genre, this talented Producer and DJ is an exciting addition to the scene and one to watch closely as he keeps propelling himself to the forefront of the genre with his hard-hitting productions and magnetic charisma. Be sure to follow Tony Kay across social media to stay up-to-date on his upcoming releases and live shows. ‘Dihya’ is out now and is available in all major online stores and streaming platforms. 


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