Naizon Offers a Range of The Hottest House Anthems This Month With Naiz:On Air

Naizon is emerging as one of the hottest producers this summer, with the release of his latest hit ‘What The Funk’ with Gustavo Mota released on the imprint ‘Suitor’ which gained a lot of traction and proved to be a seriously impressive hit. However, the talent pool for Naizon does not end there as he returns with the latest month of Naiz:On Air which offers a delectable range of the hottest underground and widely loved Tech House hits in the scene.

You can expect to hear a wide and impressive range of Naizon’s latest influences and favourite hits where he delves deep into the Tech House scene, showing off his mixing skills and outstanding selections of music. Naizon is constantly raising the bar for lovers of House music across the globe as his shows which are featured on a growing list of global radio stations that syndicate the show each and every week emanate an exciting unmatched energy that he brings into each weekly set.

With each month it is clear that the Naizon is rapidly maturing into one of the most prolific DJ/Producers in the Tech House domain. This month you can expect to hear fresh cuts of music from iconic guests like João Faria, Ruddek, Leandro De Silva and Gustavo Mota with hits from the likes of Wankelmut, SUBSHIFT and Will Clarke.

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