Behind the scenes of ‘Double Vision’ with Bobby Shann

Bobby Shann has made quite the name for himself in the industry and has set a reputation for himself through his unique flair and creativity in each of his tracks. Teaming up once again with friend and producer Blas Cordero, they have put together an incredible Tech House tune that has been gaining rapid traction and support from industry icons. We caught up with Bobby Shann to discuss ‘Double Vision’


Hi Bobby, how have you been keeping during this crazy time?

Pretty well so far. Thank you for asking. I felt like I was always in quarantine anyway! I call it the artist life. Just kidding. It’s bad when you are not able to travel. So, I have to make the best of this situation, I’ve been mainly in preparation for next year and making a lot of music.


Tell us about the inspiration behind ‘Double Vision’?

The last collab with Blas was last year and so we teamed up again for another future project which inspired us to create a sound that is based on the future visions we both. We both on the same level of attitude. That’s why we called it Double Vision.


How did you come to work with Blas Cordero? 

We met through social media once, so we talked about a few things and we soon realized we understand each other pretty well especially artistically. Last year before we even thought about a collaboration, I invited him to play at my release party in Zürich for the debut of ‘Transition’.  We kept in touch and met again in Miami where we had great convos as usual and we became buddies. Since then we have been working on lots of different projects together.


What is your favourite part of the track?

My favourite part I would say is when the vocals drop in. It adds power to the track I think.


If you could describe ‘Double Vision’ to someone who hasn’t heard it before how would you sum the track up?

I would say a combination of groove yet drama that loads you with positive energy and makes you want to dance till the early morning.


What goals did you have in mind for this release?

The first goal was to touch a lot of people with this track which we did, without any expectations. Even the Martinez Brothers showed love, which is really crazy. I would say we mastered this part with our skills. This is the most beautiful part when 2 energies emerge.


Who would you like to see supporting the track?

Every support is appreciated so I don’t have a specific selection, but of course, it’s beautiful to see big inspirations like the Martinez Brothers or Dice supporting it.


What’s next for Bobby Shann?

well, Blas and I have more coming up and also with solo projects there is much to come so stay tuned!


Finally, where can people go to download ‘Double Vision’?

On every digital platform, you can stream it or buy it via Beatport. Keep supporting it. I appreciate it all the love.


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