Top 10 Plugins with DJ Phonon

Multi-talented DJ and producer DJ Phonon has been responsible for some of the scene’s most ear-catching records, and it is clear to see why. South of France based genius is renowned for his sublime songwriting talents, with his tracks containing transcending chords progressions and mesmerizing melodies. He’s had some incredible tracks out this year such as ‘Karma’ and ‘Rain In The Summer’. DJ Phonon talks us through some of the top 10 plugins he uses for creating such incredible tunes.

1. UAD

My latest and most valuable purchase I made this year is the UAD Octo satellite. The plugins inside are unbelievable! They are so realistic and useful. It’s now without doubt my most used plugin. I bought a range of different plugins From UAD and I can find a use for almost all of them, they really have helped scalped my sound and progress as a Composer/Producer.

If I could choose 10 of them from UAD, it would be these:

Ampex ATR-102

SSL bus compressor

UAD SSL 4000 E channel strip



Teletronix LA-2A

Fairchild 670


Dangerous BAX master EQ

Lexicon 224 reverb

2. Reaktor 5

I love the soft round bass sounds and I use it on every single one of my tracks! This is how I begin to create an 808 sound.

3. Serum

I use this for the ease of sound design more than anything. If I want to try and create a new sound or a particular element I will generally use Serum.

4. Kontact

This is the best sampler player ever! It has so many great instruments with retro machines being one of my favourites; I use this Plugin on nearly every one of my Tracks.

5. Nexus

This is another new synth plugin I’ve recently purchased and it has really incredible pre-sets. It has many familiar sounds in its library from a lot of major pop tracks out there at the moment. Good quality and ready to use.

6. Valhalla room

Real nice reverb for an affordable price! It’s really easy to use as well, one of my go-to reverbs for sure! (I also really like the rc48 from the NI Komplete)

7. Steinberg’s Groove agent

I love this sampler, it’s so easy to use and easy to navigate through if you want to change something.

8. Ozone 8 Advanced

This is a really good guide to mastering and producing a professional sounding track. I use it a lot just as a reference.

9. Slyenth

This synth has a good all-round sound to it and is used in many radio tracks just like nexus. I like to use it to help with inspiration when creating a track. I love the keys sounds and the bass libraries.

10.Vienna Symphonic Library

This has incredibly realistic and beautiful sounds and is very useful when creating a film score or soundtrack.


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