Top 10 plugins with Mateo Paz

Mateo Paz has been taking the industry by storm with his string of incredible releases such as ‘Feel Alright’ and ‘Mine Alone’, it’s clear he is a wizard when it comes to production and the many years of sitting at the computer has paid off! Not to mention his hugely successful, weekly radio show ‘Gain’ that provides the very best tracks in Progressive House. Below, Mateo talks us through his top 10 plugins.


Serum is a must-have plugin for every dance or electronic producer. A lot of nice presets to start with and there are awesome wavetables to make your own sound.

Fab Filter Q 2

Fabfilter makes plugins for easy use with great results. If you are looking for EQ, this is the only tool you need. Diva U-he Diva is my first choice when I need emulation of analogue synthesizers. There is a lot that you can do with oscillators, filters, and effects to get awesome sound.


This gives very good synthesis and hi-definition sampling. With a new 2.5 update and hardware synth integration and new libraries, omnisphere is a common thing used in my songs.

SPL De Esser

I use this mostly for vocals, removing all the unnecessary frequencies. It provides great results with just a few clicks.

Fab Filter Pro L 2

This is really useful on mastering, often when I mix on low levels, I use L 2 to make the track louder.


Similar to Serum, I use it a lot for electronic music. There are so many presets that are ready to use immediately.


Also commonly used in electronic music, Massive is my secret weapon for bass and noise sounds. I find it easy to use so I have few custom-made presets there that I often use.


A very simple plugin, and when you need to sidechain – kickstart gives you result within a second.