B-Max Presents: Inceptology With Mateo Paz

B-Max, DJ, Producer and founder of Incepto Music Group is back with a special edition of B-Max Presents: Inceptology, this time featuring a guest mix with Mateo Paz. This broadcast features an hour set from each artist that provides the very best Progressive hits around, in B-Max’s mix you can find tracks from John Noir, Ge Bruny and Sarkis Mikael & Epstein.

Mateo Paz has spent the last year releasing both originals and remixes that have been gaining rapid attention by industry heavyweights and is constantly picking up the pace with his artistry. Mateo Paz is an artist with the energy, passion and emotion; he harnesses these beautifully in his productions. In Mateo’s guest mix you can find some of Mateo’s best tracks such as his Gain mix of ‘Mine Alone’ and ‘Feel Your Heart’.

Listen to Inceptology with Mateo Paz


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B-Max present Inceptology (054) on DI.FM | Guest mix by Mateo Paz

B-Max mix:

  1. J.Weo – Lazy Weekend (Soty & Seven24 Remix) [Incepto]
  2. ZN vs. Boom Jinx & Katrine Stenbekk – Come Alive (Boom Jinx Deep Vocal Mix) [Silk Music]
  3. John Noir – Stories of a Bygone Era (Original Mix) [COOD]
  4. Evave – Deeper Underground (Extended Mix) [Incepto]
  5. ID-ID [Incepto]
  6. Sarkis Mikael & Epstein (LA) ft. Heibert – Together (Original Mix) [NCTRNL]
  7. ID-ID [COOD]
  8. Rauschhaus – Room in a Cloud (Original Mix) [Timeless Moment]
  9. Ge Bruny – Aveiro (Original Mix) [Spring Tube Limited]
  10. Different Sides – Aldebaran (Original Mix) [Dear Deer Black]
  11. John Noir – Intro (Behind The Scenes) [COOD]

Mateo Paz mix:

  1. M0narch – 420 (Original Mix) [Soleid] (1:00:54-1:05:26)
  2. Dario Katušić – Sunrise (4:31-09:48) (1:05:26-1:10:44)
  3. Juan Erbin & QAT – Xalapa (Original Mix) [Massive Harmony Records] (1:10:44-1:17:17)
  4. Mateo Paz ft Asmik Shiroyan – Mine alone (Gain mix) [Microbios] (1:17:17-1:23:47)
  5. Mateo Paz – Feel your Heart (Kleinsky Remix) (1:23:47-1:29:44)
  6. First Life, Nick Hook, Martin Sharp – Be One of Us (Nick Hook & Martin Sharp Mix) [Jeepers! Music] (1:29:44-1:35:28)
  7. Parlando – Malleus [Natura Viva Black] (1:35:28-1:41:09)
  8. Piemont – The Random [Moonless Air] (1:41:09-1:46:23)
  9. James Grow – Hank Moody (Phonix Remix) [Carpe Diem Musica] (1:46:23-1:50:46)
  10. Nicolas Navarro – La Galeria (Edvard Hunger Remix) [BQ Recordings] (1:50:46-1:54:09)
  11. Claudio Iacono – Rotolog 623 [Pins and Needles] (1:54:09-2:01:25)