Lorcan Mak’s guide to Gottwood Festival


We’re heading off to Anglesey this weekend for what’s being touted as the British dance festival of this summer. Needless to say then, while crossing fingers for dry weather we’re also chomping at the bit to get feral in the forest, so to speak.

Gottwood, the event in question, has been going from strength to strength over the last few years, and has established a reputation for itself as a right good do. More so, with innovative site designs, high tech production techniques and a line up featuring some of the most reliable names in the business (rather than simply who’s who this week) it seems bound to leave a lasting impression on all attendees. Dublin-born, London-based producer and DJ Lorcan Mak is returning for his fourth successive year in the woods, and given his veteran status at this particular outdoor bash we couldn’t think of a better chap to offer us virgins a few pointers on how this one will go off.

Hi Lorcan, thanks for your time here. What’s been going on at the moment with you? 

Last year I relocated to London and brought my studio with me. I have been quiet in terms of releases as of late but have not stopped working on beats. I believe now more than ever quality comes before quantity, and over the past two years I have been experimenting with new sounds and working with new software expanding my skills in the studio. I really look forward to sharing the results with the world.

You’re something of a Gottwood veteran. What should we be expecting from this Welsh party? 
Yes this will be my fourth year playing at Gottwood. That in itself should explain how much I like the place. The music curation, the atmosphere and the people is what has made me return each year. Due to the size of the festival the intimacy between the artists and the crowd has lead to really special sets over the years.
If you had to take just four items to Gottwood this year, what would they be and why? 
2 litres of Whiskey to warm the cockles of your heart.
Disposable cameras are great for capturing memories you have might have otherwise forgotten; and as with all film cameras – you don’t get to see any of the pics until you get them developed which is always exciting.
Cash, because cash is king and you can trade it for things.
A pair of dark shades so people wont be able to see into your soul.
Obviously the line up is pretty special this time round. Anyone you’re looking forward to seeing most, and who should we make a beeline for? 
I am really looking forward to seeing Prosumer, Tristan Da Kuhna, Pedestrian and Tale of Us, as I haven’t seen them DJ before. Be sure to make a beeline for Craig Richards, Alex Jones, Cedric Maison and Hessletime. I have seen them all smash crowds before and I am excited to see what they have in store for us this year at Gottwood!
It’s safe to say nobody is looking forward to the aftermath next week. Do you have any recovery tips to help our readers steer clear of the Tuesday blues? 
Head to the gym and flake out in the Sauna with a bottle of water or cranberry juice, then an ice cold shower. It will leave you fresh as a daisy afterwards. 
Finally, what else is going on for you this summer? 
I played a set at Life Festival in Ireland at the end of May, such a big line-up and always great to get back and play a set on my home soil. Just back from Sonar festival, it was my first time this year I will definitely be heading back next year. I wont be DJing but I am heading to Hideout festival in Croatia with a load of mates at the end of the month really looking forward to that. Nothing else confirmed just yet.