5 Epic Reasons Why Noisily Festival KICKS ASS


Forest raving  = awesomeness. What could be better? Epic music surrounded by epic nature. Foresty food for the soul. Think Narnia meets Human Traffic meets Lord Of The Rings meets Kevin and Perry Go Large. It’s almost too much awesome for human comprehension.

Possibly one of the UK’s most diverse and creatively delivered electronic music event, Noisily Festival has already announced its full line-up. Now in its third year, the event is ready to take the country by storm.

This year sees the arrival of the Liquid Stage, all the way from Glade Festival. It joins the multi genre Noisily Stage and the House and Disco anchored Tree House Stage, further cementing the events cutting-edge feel and creative programming ethos.

Here are five jolly good reasons (in our humble opinion) why Noisily just made it on to our Summer ‘To Do’ list.

1. The Venue: Noisily Festival of Electronic Music and Arts lies in the last magical wooded valley in the country. Set deep in the rolling hills of Leicestershire, in the heart of rural Blighty – this is a place where wood elves are regularly sighted, unicorns come to flex and the teddy bears really do picnic. Lost under a thick canopy of lush green, as the sun peeps through in warm dapples – this is a sacred place where sweet hedonism reigns supreme.


 2. The Liquid Faeiries: Having been an integral part of the Psychedelic scene both in the UK and abroad for many years; the fairies certainly know their sheet when it comes to mind blowing visuals. The Origin Stage at Glade was always a Faeiries show piece and the incredible canopy over the main stage at Ozora festival in Hungary was also a Faeries design. These guys are BADASS. They create surrounding so dazzling you’ll be rubbing stardust out of your eyes for weeks.


 3. The Noms: Raving or food? It’s always been a toss up for me, both being equally awesome and dribble inducing. At Noisily they aim to keep the menu as diverse as the music. Gone are the days of greasy burger vans, flat beer and soggy chips. This shit is GOURMET. Cooking up for your culinary pleasure; the team consist of three well oiled badgers, Bambi on Sous Chef duties and The Flying Squirrels on sweets. Expect visions of gastronomic excess…think venison and wild boar burgers, and confit duck wraps from Got Game. Also stone baked pizzas and pasta dishes from The Italian Kitchen. Boom.


4. The Bass:  “Scientific studies show that whilst the untrained ear may not notice the differing nuances in the music when played through two different systems, the subconscious will be affected and people will have a more enjoyable experience on the dance floor if the sound is of a higher quality.” FACT. Scientists say so.

With this in mind prepare your ears for an aural orgasm…an AUGASM…or an eargasm. This year features two of the world’s most efficient, gut rumbling and boomshanking systems.  Audio-Feed – the South Coasts premier supplier of Funktion One – will be decking out the Noisily Stage and Tree House Stage with almost 40,000 watts of audio combines. Opus Pocus will be supplying no less than 34 cones and 6 horns for the Liquid Stage. YEEEEEW! These are sounds designed especially for the National Theatre on London’s South Bank. Serious shit. With bass bins delivering sounds at a frequency almost too low for the human ear, you’ll feel this somewhere deep in the chasms of your soul. You may even weep.


5. The Line Up: It’s glorious. It’s pant-wetting. It’s a sonic boom for your soul. With everything from seapunk to moustache funk and every kinda’ bass music  imaginable –  you can bet your buns there’s something to satisfy every earhole. Check it out. SMAMAZING.

The Tree House Stage

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (DJ Set)

Greg Wilson / Session Victim / 2562/A Made Up Sound

Eliphino / Low Steppa / My Panda Shall Fly /

Kashii / Shox feat. Sam Supplier / Tuesday Born / Will Ward /

Duke Slammer / Chubba / Real Nice / Groove Assassin / Panda

Magnier / Seascape / Dave Maslen

Sean McCabe / Croz / Kenny Keys

Benedict Jackson / House of Disco Djs / Daffadam

Nick Duffy / Lizzle

The Noisily Stage

Max Cooper / Slam / Gaudi

Phaxe / Symphonix / Far Too Loud

Neurodriver / Joe Ford / Solid Snake

Skope / Nanoplex / Atomic Drop

Pena / Krymes / Vent / Hamish

True Lies / Tongue & Groove

+ many more…

The Liquid Stage

Tristan / Masterblasters / EVP / Ott.

Avalon / Scorb / Sonic Species / Lucas

Antispin / Hedflux / Psymmetrix / Slackbaba

Beardy / Shane Gobi / Hypnocoustics / Neuroplasm

+ many more…