Visited – Die Antwoord – FATTY BOOM BOOM


Described as ‘a bright and colorful African adventure’, the video for Die Antwoord’s 2012 FATTY BOOM BOOM is a flippin’ CRACKER – gasps of confused wonderment guaranteed. Making blatant digs at the music industry – particularly ex record label and label mate, Interscope and Lady Gaga – harsh lyrics take a stone cold stab at todays rappers:

“What happened to all the cool rappers from back in the day?

Now all these rappers sound exactly the same

It’s like one big inbred fuck-fest


No, I do not want to stop, collaborate or listen”

Complete with a transgender Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga’s vaginal fluids, wild animals, incredible dance moves, eye popping outfits, CONTROVERSIAL references to S.A’s racial diversity, creative body paint, home-grown graffiti (inspired by Roger Ballen) and even a special guest appearance from a ‘sneaky little prawn’ star…it’s a visual mind-melt of EPIC proportion.

Both the music video and story concept were dreamt up by Ninja and Yo-landi. Set designs, mural designs, graffiti AND costumes were all designed by Ninja. The video also features some incredible ‘black human hair garments’ by fashion designer Alexander Wang.

The video was met with harsh backlash from Gaga. I can’t imagine why.

Check it out…