Visited – Spoek Mathambo – CONTROL

tumblr_m9ryw4IuZr1rq7qujo3_1280Directed & shot by Pieter Hugo & Michael Cleary – CONTROL is an exceptional cover of Joy Division’s She’s Lost Control. Rejazzled in 2011 and in spectacular style by producer/singer/rapper Spoek Mathambo, it’ll blow your fricking mind. At the edge of a new wave of young African artists, Spoek is “defined and refined by his unique take on music – is bringing an original and futuristic sound to a global following.” He’s a powerful, powerful entity.

The creators – Pieter and Michael – hail from South Africa. Seperately they’ve shot for a plethora of high end clients, and had work  exhibited at institutions including Tate Modern, the Folkwang Museum, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, and the São Paulo Bienal. Collectively they created THIS. They’re a badass team.

The video is an absolute eye popper. Shot entirely in black and white this is the incredible result of some seriously imaginative directing melded with the magic of one helluva frontman. It’s a masterpiece; a magnum opus; a tour de force!  I’d hazard a guess it was a shit ton of fun to make too.

The story begins with a bizarre slug, a graveyard and Spoek on a portable megaphone. At this point I advise you to turn up the volume. It’s a gut rumbling and grimace inducing bass fest. What follows includes: scenes of a religious nature, paint throwing, possession, exorcisms, ritual head shaving, burning buildings, possible voodoo, radical dance moves, leather gloves, vomiting, human skulls, beatings, belly rolling and the creative use of a fire extinguisher.

I feel it’s important to mention…these guys are real-deal artistes. Video’s like this one require the mind of a genius, or two.

Turn it up loud. Check it out. Shit. Your. Pants.