Bloc Easter Bank Holiday Special / Omar S / L.I.E.S And An Experiment In Hypnosis.

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What are your plans for the Easter weekend? A roast dinner with Grandma? Maybe an Easter Egg hunt with the family? Or perhaps you planned to watch the entire Lord Of The Rings trilogy? WRONG!! You will in fact be attending Blocs epic Easter double header at their brand spanking (and very high-tech) new waterside headquarters. You will be fist pumping to the incredible sounds of  Omar S, one of Detroit’s finest producers and DJ’s. Repeat after me…fist pumping!  You will also find yourself absorbing sonic booms from UK House and Techno heavyweight, Claro Intelecto. Born with Synth in hand this Mancunian has toured everywhere from Sao Paolo to Jerusalem.  After this you may venture home, spruce up, drink a smoothie (sustenance kids!) but you will RETURN! This time for an all night long L.I.E.S. showcase. You will offer up your ear holes like Oliver twist begging for another plate of gruel…ready for a soul pummeling evening of glitchy, gritty and twitch inducing Techno. Repeat after me…more Techno! This is a UK exclusive, being the first time Ron Morelli’s Long Island Electrical Systems family will have total control of the room, from start to finish. That’s enough Techno to feed a third world country.  You will do all these things and you will LOVE it. Repeat after me…BLOC EASTER WEEKENDER!

The first show of the new series with Model 500 sold out in advance. BUY TICKETS NOW, I COMMAND YOU! Three, two, one…you’re back in the room.

*If you like, you could stay awake the entire weekend. That’s hardcore. That’s what I would do.

Sat 30/03/13 – Bloc feat. Omar S & Claro Intelecto

Sun 31/03/13 – Bloc feat. L.I.E.S.

Autumn Street Studios
Hackney Wick
E3 London
United Kingdom

Limited £10 tickets available using the promo code ‘blocfamily’ available HERE