Fabric talks to Dana Ruh ahead of the first 2013 Saturday Night party…


If you’re like us (which we think you are) you will already be looking ahead to your next party fix in January no matter how near to the big NYE bash it falls and you should know that Brouqade Records – the label behind Dana Ruh, Ann.M Cazal and Anthea will be putting their primal sound on Room Three in the first Saturday of the Fabric 2013 calender. Anthea has graced Fabric many times with her classic and contemporary house DJ sets, often next to frequent partner in crime, Alex Celler; they all are both on the bill for this night and as ever we’re looking forward to their Farringdon return.

But for now we’re putting the spotlight on Berlin spinstress, Dana Ruh who has past releases on Ostgut Ton and Crosstown Rebels to name a few and in the last six years has been throwing a great deal of love and energy into her Brouqade label to worldwide success. Dana’s story has been calling for our attention and so it gives us great pleasure to meet her for the first time and feel some of the raw passion she describes for everything she does and in her debut promo mix for us.

“I just was looking for tracks I really feel. Music that moves me and that gives me the possibility to create a nice journey. Sometimes I like to play more deep then more housey and also I love to play techno. I don’t put myself in a box, what I play really depends on my mood, also on the audience. I decide for the moment! This mix give you an idea what it could be!”

DOWNLOAD: Dana Ruh fabric Promo Mix

Hey Dana- great to meet you. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi my Name is Dana Ruh, I am living in Berlin and I am a DJ, producer and label owner. I am back DJing after a 6 year break, while studying economics and working. I think I have the best job in the world, traveling and playing my favourite records to the people!

How would you sum up your 2012 and your aspirations for next year?

Well, 2012 was a very intense year with lots of changes and decisions! First of all I decided to relaunch Brouqade. For this we build up a new team, I started the label with my friend Ann and for the re-launch I included, Anthea. We met two years ago in Ibiza and the chemistry was right from the beginning. We share the same thoughts about music, what we want to create…it was just a logical step. We also asked another friend of mine to help us because we have a tight schedule and we all work and travel a lot!

So now we have a really strong and lovely team, you can feel the energy if you meet us all. Also I did a lot, I mean really a lot of music! Honestly I have so much music ready, I just have to decide what to do with it. But some of the tracks I just did for me, not for releasing. Next thing I did was to build my studio more to have more space, maybe if friends are coming and they wanna produce. I produced some tracks with Andre Galluzzi and I also will finish the work with Andre for his first solo album! And of course I was DJing all over the place what I really enjoy!

What is the music philosophy of Brouqade Records?
We have no real philosophy, we are really open minded! It can go from deep to house to techno. If we hear a track and we feel it, then we release it! It doesn’t matter if it’s a newcomer or a big name. It’s really all about the music without the goal to be trendy. We love to give talented people a platform to release music. There are so many great talents out there, so much music to discover!

Did you always want to run your own label? What have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced since its inception in 2007?

No, it was not planned! It was more a spontaneous thing and I was curious how it works bringing creativity and economic understanding together. That’s why its good we are a team. Ann is really helping me if I am more in creativity. At the end it’s also a company! I think the biggest challenge is to keep the focus on the quality of music if you work together with friends. I mean if they send you a track to release but you don’t think it fits then you have to tell them.

I don’t want to make compromises because I have a friendship. I am really hard with myself too, I don’t choose the tracks that will be released on our label. Thank god , we found a nice way to deal with this all! Anthea is an amazing help, she has an important part to the label.

Can you tell us the roster that makes up the Brouqade family? Can you pick some of your favourite releases from the label and why?

We’re still developing the roster. Some of our artists we worked with gave up music, some have their own labels they are focused right now.

Benjamin Fehr, Danilo Schneider, Signal Deluxe they all play a big roll since the start and I am really looking forward to having new music out from them. Also Anthea of course is the girl to watch! She is really into the production and creates her own very special, groovy and deep sound. Also I am proud to have Nina Soul on the Label, this young guy is super talented and extremely versatile.

You can hear it on his release “Mancha Solar”. Honestly I don’t want to point out a “favorite release” because all of them are special to me. Otherwise I would never release it! When I think about next year, I’m very excited. We have found incredible music, I cant wait to release it.

In what ways do you plan to represent Brouqade in Room Three next month to the newcomers? Talk us through some of the magic Alex Celler, Anthea and yourself will be creating?

I think we are a good crew to show what is the label all about. Everybody has got their own favorite sound to play but it fits with the sound of the others. So we are able to create a nice journey.

Alex and Anthea are a force if they play back to back or on their own. Anthea and myself have also played back to back and it was a great experience, that means we have many opportunities to represent the label. We can go everywhere with quality music!

Finally, you’ve had a solid release schedule this year, with releases on Cocoon and Brouqade to name a couple. What have you got in store for next year?

Next Year we’ll release with Aras and Andre Galluzzi. This should come out end of January. Then I have a release on Brouqade again, solo and with Anthea! Also there are some more but this will be a surprise! Of course I will continue producing, I can’t stop it anyway. I have so many ideas, sometimes its just too much and I wish I could work faster not to lose a mood or idea for another song! I don’t want to rush releases, I will take my time to give my music a home.


Saturday 5th January
77a Charterhouse St; Clerkenwell; London EC1M 3HN; United Kingdom