Quick Fire Interview – Mark Storie.

Where in the world are you right now?

Travelling on a Virgin train between Glasgow & London

Which track has been the highlight of your sets this year?

On an Undeground tip it would be Kaiserdisco ‘Pitaya’ on BMF, for the masses it would definitely be Mark Knight & Wolfgang Gartner ‘Conscindo’ on Toolroom…. It never fails!

Where can we find you playing this New Years Eve?

You can catch me playing an extended set in 103 at Ministry of Sound on NYE, then in the wee small hours I will be spinning an afterparty set at Get Diverted presents Saved recs party at Dex Club, London.

New Years Eve always gives a DJ the chance to drop some racks they do not usually get the chance to play, what can we expect to hear from you at Toolroom Knights?

I have a cracking booty from ‘man of the moment’ Grum, it features Daft Punk ‘Together’ mashed up with James Talk & Ridney ‘Forever’! It goes off let me tell ya….

What have you got planned for 2011 (gigs / album / releases)?

Yes I have plenty in the pipeline, there will be some big announcements around Miami WMC time, keep your eyes peeled for that.

 What New Years resolution will you be making?

 To get in the studio more next year and to get back to the gym more regularly for badminton & table tennis.