An Interview with Marc Romboy ahead of Jaded’s Summer Warehouse Party this Sat…

Marc Romboy has been in the techno scene since the early 90s working for music labels such as Le Petit Prince, Terminal M or PSI-49-Net. He also runs Systematic Recordings which was set up in 2004 and quickly become one of the top tech house imprints. We speak to the German DJ and Producer ahead of his headline set at Jaded’s Summer Warehouse party this Saturday… **Don’t forget you still have a few days to enter our comp to win tickets, Q Jump, Drinks and entry to the afterparty ENTER HERE**


Hi Marc, hope you’re well today. What have you been up to recently?

Hey, yeah, all fine, thanx for asking, hope you are well, too. I´m just back from a weekend trip with lots of unpredictable experiences. I have played at a great outdoor student festival called “Hi-FI Festival” near Amsterdam and was supposed to play in Russia at the Black Sea the night after. When I landed in Vienna I got a text message from the promoter saying that the entire beach is flooded so that the party had to be canceled. So I took a flight back home and spent some time in the studio on a Saturday which is pretty unusual. Nevertheless I do hope that all people in the Black Sea area in Russia are doing better now.

You started a series of 10″ white label releases back in spring, what was the idea behind releasing work like that, as oppose to straight through Systematic?

We,, I really like the rough dirty house sound which has its roots from the good old Chicago house and Detroit Techno from the earlier 90 years. My idea was to give the design also a rough touch so that the idea to press vinyl records as 10 inch with a stamp on the white label only. The editions are limited and it is pretty successful at the moment.

Tell us about your part in the remixes of Steve Rachmad’s Secret Life Of Machines re-release?

Oh my god, I feel so honored to have had the occasion to do a remix for Sterac. It´s out of the question that Steve was the first European who was able to catch and produce that special vibe of Detroit Techno and transfer this into his own music. When I listened to his Album in 1995 for the first time I was just like “Wow, this guy must have lived in Detroit!”. The Album is timeless and I think it was a good idea to make this reissue and to offer it to the young people who were more or less born around the early 90s. From my personal point of view my remix for “Astronotes” is the best remix I have ever made.

You haven’t put a full-length release out in some time- any reason?

I actually wanted to bring out an Album last spring and I was 100% sure that it was happening. However there are plenty of tracks now on my hard disc but currently the tracks are not really a unit. I really love to give long players a frame, a concept, as Stephan and I have done it with our “Luna” project where all tracks are called after several moons. Nevertheless next year it´s time for a Romboy solo album again, promised and before there will be a mini album with my Japanese buddy Ken Ishii. The forerunner single will be out in August and the track is called “Taiyo” by the way. Ah, and before I forget, on the flip side there is an amazing interpretation of Och, a producer from London who loves in the country side of Sweden nowadays. Really really insane deep dark remix which he made, wow!

On Saturday (14th) you’ll be playing the Jaded Summer Warehouse Party- any thoughts on the lineup?

First of all I have to mention that I do love warehouse parties in London. They have that certain vibe, which is unbeatable and distinctive! When I first saw the line up I was like “Wow!”, what an outstanding and tasteful list of Techno artists. It´s hard to believe but I have never played with Heartthrob so far and II will for sure check out his set. Matador live on stage is also something no one should miss. I will be in Siberia at an nature outdoor festival before and there will be plenty of bliss hormones in my body so that I´m very much looking forward to this night in London.

What’s your take on playing in London overall?

I love London. London is unique. London is crazy. London is one the places to be on the globe. I have never had any average party there and I´m sure this will be another big one!

Finally, what else is on the horizon for the rest of your summer?

Lots of traveling, to Siberia, Angola, South Africa, Portugal, Ucraine, France and and and! As they said in Manchester in 1990: “Rave on!” And this is also my device!!!


LWE presents Jaded Summer Warehouse Party

The Sidings – London – Price £15, £17.50 and £20.
Adam Beyer, Marc Romboy, Heartthrob, Matador Live, Baby Ford, Raymundo Rodriguez, Chris Stanford, Rejam, MAGMA
Deep/Tech House, Minimal, Techno |  22:00-06:00

**ANNOUNCEMENT: Jaded Summer Warehouse adds Drumcode’s Adam Beyer to the line up: Adam was scheduled to headline at Ultra festival in Poland this Saturday, however this event has been cancelled and he will now be joining us as a very surprising and welcome addition to this Saturdays Jaded warehouse party! This is Adam Beyer’s only London appearance till October**

Adam Beyer
Marc Romboy 
Matador Live
Baby Ford
Raymundo Rodriguez
Chris Stanford

Arch 2 Rejam
Baby Ford (3 Hour Set)
Jack Doyle
Peter Glasspool

Arch 3 Magma
Mark D’Ground & Gavin Rayner
Russell Smith & Harry McCanna
Steve Shorter
Michael Scullion

£15 release SOLD OUT, Final release on sale now

The Sidings, 51-53 Southwark Street SE1** Nearest Tube Station: London Bridge Tube Station (5mins walk) 11pm-6am

Anyone who’s danced in London over the past seven years will associate the word jaded with something other than its true meaning… For Londoners, Jaded is an afterhours born of its surroundings and necessity. A place created for workers, DJs and the real geeks to hang out after everyone else has gone home. Over time, this strange and darkly beautiful haven for nocturnal music creatures has blossomed and on one occasion more than any other – Jaded’s 7 Years Warehouse. For the assembly there, it was Jaded, only heightened. Spectacular sound and lights framed sets from Nina Kraviz, Ryan Elliot, Konrad Black and Sascha Dive inside a rare atmosphere that sparked with excitement and familial warmth. Since then, there has been much daydreaming about the next time. Finally, inspired as-ever by the seasons, we bring you our Jaded Summer Warehouse…

For this summer warehouse show, a diverse line up that reflects our love of techno and tech house. Heading the bill – a legend whose career has spanned both genres known for his Systematic label as well as epic live shows and most recently superb collaborations with Cristian Smith and Max Cooper – Marc Romboy.

Next up, bringing his minimalist tendencies and playing one of his rarer DJ sets, Heartthrob AKA Jesse Siminski. He spent 2011 working on new more leftfield productions under his Vivianne Projects guise and with the launch of his own label Isnisnt planned for this year, it’s an exciting time to hear from the M_Nus stalwart.

The live element to our show comes from the producer and DJ and member of the M_Nus family whose name is on everyone’s lips after recent releases including his acclaimed Kingswing EP, Matador. Expect his liveset to be “Deep, Dark, Chuggy, Warped, Trippy, Driving…once it’s interesting…he’s on it”

Romboy, Heartthrob and Matador will be joined Jaded heroes Raymundo Rodriguez and Chris Stanford

In Room Two, London’s freshest new music collective – Rejam take change of proceedings. Baby Ford (Perlon) will play a 3 hour set backed up by Jack Doyle, NPD and Peter Glasspool.

A final addition to our brand new warehouse space will be room 3 LWE stalwarts Magma will take over.

EARLY BIRDS SOLD OUT / Standard £15, £17.50 and £20.



 The Sidings

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