Toast’s Steve Shorter chats ahead of tomorrow’s event with Enzo Siragusa & Seb Zito…

After a year of throwing some of the most talked about deep house and techno parties in London, Toast finally turns one this Saturday 12th November at Nomad Club on Old Street. Founder and resident DJ Steve Shorter talks to Plain & Simple about the highlights, Exits Festival and plans for 2012.

Q1. Tell us about year one in the life of Toast, what have been the highlights?

Its been great fun, all we wanted was to play the music we love to the people we love, It came together as 3 DJ’s just wanting to play music to a good crowd and Toast gave us the platform to do that on a regular basis and in the style that we choose, we went from playing to 100 people at Public Life to the main room of cargo and even threw an after party on the roof of a hostel in Serbia for Exit Festival.

The Highlight was definitely hosting Cargo where we had Glimpse headline.  It was a great feeling having our night that was still only about 10 months old at the time host a party at one of the most popular clubs in London, great memories.

Q2. What tracks can we expect to hear in your set on Saturday?

The Music that Toast London does best, Deep House and Techno =)

Q3. How did you come to the decision that Fuse innovators Enzo Siragusa & Seb Zito would be the perfect b2b combination to celebrate your first birthday?

For our birthday, we really wanted to do something special, we wanted DJ’s that played the music we have a passion for and most importantly, DJ’s that we are fans of, and what better way than to get Enzo & Seb, they have literally created their own genre of house music and are at the forefront of music in London bringing a new generation of ravers. I’ve heard them both play countless times and they have NEVER disappointed.

Q4. Tell us about the Cerca Trova boys Daniel & Rossko and what they will add to the pot?

I cannot speak more highly of Cerca Trova and the 2 residents Daniel & Rossko, aside from being 2 excellent DJ’s they also throw one of the best parties London has to offer. I went to my first Cerca Trova party in August last year, since then I’ve not missed a party they’ve done.  They have a unique underground sound to their parties which sets them aside from everyone else, they also throw their parties at one of the best underground venues in London, I’ll never forget the first time i walked into the disused derelict building, past the smashed up windows and doors and down the staircase into the infamous Basement.  We welcome back Daniel for his 2nd appearance at Toast as he played for us at Public Life earlier this year.

Q5. And finally, what can we expect from Toast 2012?

 After our birthday night this Saturday were taking a break until March next year when we will be starting our new project “Toast Underground”.

Were going to be throwing a party every 2 months in a new venue, all I can say for now is its in a basement (hence the underground bit). Our headliners for next year are insane, one of which is a Circo Loco Resident but all will be revealed in the New Year.

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Here’s a recent mix from Toast resident DJ Grimwood to get you warmed up.
Deep In The Courtyard Part 1 by Grimwood


Toast London feat Enzo Siragusa & Seb Zito and Daniel & Rossko

12 Nov 2011 @ Nomad London 


Enzo Siragusa (Fuse London), Seb Zito (Fuse London), Rossko (Cerca Trova), Daniel (Cerca Trova), Steve Shorter, Ian Grimwood, James Moore