Craig Richards to launch The Nothing Special label with Billy Nasty and Radioactiveman

This has been the talk of the UK electronic scene for some time now, as two British heroes get ready to become the first producers to release on a brand new imprint spearheaded by Fabric’s main music-man. But now we can confirm the date, and details.

Named after the night he heads up at that aforementioned Farringdon club, Craig Richards will open The Nothing Special as a record label on December 5th, when Radionasty, AKA Billy Nasty & Radioactiveman, will unveil a self-titled double A-side. Two tracks will feature, called Radio 1 and Radio 2, which is probably bad news for people easily confused, but should be more than welcomed by anyone with even a passing interest in quality club sounds, if the tune on that EPM 10 album we reviewed earlier this year is anything to base our judgement on.