James Taylor leaves Swayzak

One of the most revered, respected, and loved partnerships in global electronica will come to an end in the very near future. Following an announcement this morning the pair will go to work organising ‘one for the road’ live dates across Europe, pencilled in for later this year.

Formed 14 years ago Swayzak have given us some unbelievable albums in between then and now, whether you look at early work like Snooploops & Sneakbeats and Snowboarding in Argentina, or relatively recent fare such as Loops From The Bergerie and Some Other Country. On the other hand, their live show is, for those lucky enough to catch it, unforgettable.

“It’s been a fantastic time doing Swayzak since 1997, I have nothing but good souvenirs. Thanks to everybody who helped us along the way,  moreover thanks to David,” said James.

Thankfully when James Taylor amicably parts ways with David (Brun) Brown it won’t be an end to it all, as the latter will continue to produce and perform, with the intention of finishing the act’s latest long playing project over the coming months while still heading up the 240 Volts imprint. In something of a contrast Taylor will be heading into ‘wine related’ avenues, although he intends to keep a finger in the music pie with sporadic sets and Ableton training. So then, thanks for the good times, here’s to the future.