Justice Album teaser.

Justice new album “Audio Video Disco” is set for release on the 24th October. The follow up to 2007’s ‘Cross’ promises more indie-tinged glitchy electronica from the French duo, and if the taster is anything to go on, Justice are very much on form.

Down tempo electronica with a prog-rock flavour is fused with more dancefloor-focused sound, and the overall feel is very band-led, despite the production very much taking place in the studio. Guest vocalists include Ali Love, Diamond Nights’ singer Morgan Phalen and Vincenzi Vendetta from Midnight Juggernauts.

The first single, Civilisation was released earlier this year, and is a good precursor to the overall sound of the album. Plus the video is somewhat epic to say the least.

You can hear a four minute album taster here:

JUSTICE “Audio, Video, Disco.” medley by edbangerrecords

As with many Justice tracks, we’re looking forward to hearing the remixes, particularly if they pass them on the Soulwax. Here’s hoping.