An interview with Ibiza’s J P Chronic

Originally born in Mauritius, JP Chronic has more than 10 years of experience behind him spinning in the best clubs in the world.  Last summer you could catch him in his new residency every Wednesdays at Privilege for the Warung Beach Club party in Ibiza, but also at his regular winter residencies in smaller Ibiza clubs like Guarana, Grial, Blu, Somni to name a few … Pacha/Nervous Records producer JP will be resident at the new Sankeys in Ibiza this year and so as the new season is kicking off this week we caught up with the man to ask about some of the things he likes about the isle…

When did you first get into electronic music? What scene did you grow up around?

My first real introduction and start up in electronic music will be back in Mauritius in the 90’s when house & deep house was on a very interesting level, although I was playing in generalist clubs back then, I was very much influenced to warm up & infiltrate it to the afterhours…

What is it about electronic sounds you like so much?

I guess it will be first of all the energy & driving rhythm, kind of hypnotising and trippy with a wide range of possibilities in sounds, instruments and style. The club culture behind the music, and most of all the feeling of an uplifting crowd on real good night…

And when/how/where did you first DJing/producing?

My first real gig as a DJ will be back on my native island Mauritius, at one of the legendary clubs called “Palladium”.  I guess one never forgets these kind of things. I started producing when I was 17 on rebirth that my dad introduced me but its only 5 years ago that I started to get serious about it and polish my wildness to the actual clubbing sound, one day I’ll expose my old work, some tracks are even 20min long lol

What have been your key influences and inspirations, musically or otherwise?

My influences are mainly what my father introduce me when I was a kid that drove me now to a more deep & tech house sound: Rock, Jazz, Funk, Soul and a strong dose of African, Asia, Latin… from 60’s to now most of it really 😉

What are you aiming to achieve with your music and DJ sets?

My achievement is more a passion and satisfaction than anything, something I’ve always loved since a kid and as some may say living the dream, my music is always positive although I try to go deeper and darker sometimes, it’s all about making people smile and have a good time.  My sets are always a journey through music crossing all kind of style with one house beat full of energy, uplifting breaks for raising hands, with a sip of trippy effects and to feel good with a smile all night.

Do you have any rules when writing or DJing or is it all off the cuff stuff?

I guess we all have principles and way of dealing with productions and mixing, first it has to make you feel good, then make sure the other do also… happiness, love and passion is the key!

What’s it like living in Ibiza all year round? Do you do music full time?

Living in Ibiza is one of my dreams since I was a kid, my second home referring to my native island. Ibiza really has a special energy with special people living on it, there are really no words to express this feeling, summer is amazing and winter is so relaxing and inspiring. Meeting people from all over the world and sharing their knowledge and experience in peace is just amazing.  Yes I do music full time, all the time, everywhere and specially when its sunny!

And how much does it change in summer… is life for residents much different with the influx of tourists?

The island and islanders works in this way mostly I mean, we work hard in summer, mostly every day, then in the winter we relax and take it easy, as for me it’s working studio hard in winter to expose all the work in the summer, but it’s good to see the island gaining life again each year and happiness on all faces…

Any tips for people of undiscovered places to go/things to do?

Well Ibiza by day will be “Ushuaia hotel” this year, although there is lots of other good beach places in Playa d’en Bossa and all other places on the island like “Blue Marlin” that is not to be missed on your holidays, for sunset instead of the regular Mambo, Café del mar, I will also recommend “Kumharas” on the same side of the island in Cala de Bou… and apart from the famous hippie market, my favourite nature wise place & food is “Casita Verde”  & in the bossa city great Italian restaurant “Shardana” with great food and great djs!!!

Tell us about some of your up-coming releases…

I got quite a few coming up until the summer, some more deep and some more techy even, I would say close to mainstream tech house sometimes on labels like “Dojo Music” & “Selekted Records”. “Yeah” will also be one to look forward to, next to Belgian producer Matt Misery with a good remix package on “Keep On Records”, a couple of collaboration and remixes also with some friends from Italy, France, Belgium and Ibiza of course…

What else you working on?

I’ve just finished a new collaboration with Amine Edge and right now I’m working on a remix of Chris Rea’s “On the beach” by 7th district ft Austin Howard, waiting to licence and signed a couple more track, good vibes in the studio.

What are your top 5 best places to go clubbing?

DC10 – CIRCOLOCO thats where it all started for all underground artist in ibiza and were you see the real ibiza people & music.

AMNESIA – COCOON each year it gets better and the crowd is amazing, no words to express just heroes this season 😉

GALANIGHT – ZOO PROJECT the party not to miss out this summer on saturdays to release the animal in you, pool, nature, great music and atmosphere.

SANKEYS – MONZA Sankeys lands in ibiza with great parties and most of all the return of Monza after the amazing closing last year, its very promising.

UNDERGROUND – NIMA’S NIGHT if you wonder where is the underground of ibiza, well let the island guide you, if ur meant to be there, you will 😉

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