The Therapy release venue details for this Saturday…

The Therapy, one of the “new kids” on the underground party circuit, have announced their venue for Saturday night’s event as *fanfare*…

Fairchild/ Fairchild place, EC2N 3EN.

The Fairchild Car Park was once a bare brick archway… It is now a party rendez-vous, fitted with sofas, lights and hanging bicycle / disco ball. Its also comes with a crystal clear Turbosound system that is there to blow your head off!

So… A very different venue for a very different kind of promotion.. The Therapy is a brand that comes with a message. Its not JUST about the music (although this helps!) they ask us to all pull together to desperately start paying more attention to the state of our universe, how we treat our planet, how we nurture what we are blessed with and how we can prevent further damage being caused to our planet.  A very strong message on your night out you may think but its comes more close to the bone than we all realise and they have a very good point – they say “Every single thing that is used throughout the event will get recycled, Bottles, plastic, paper etc You’d think that this already happens within our industry right? Well, let us assure you – it doesn’t! Let’s stop ignoring and start helping ourselves and mother nature out! We are not asking everyone to become activists or instigate world Greenpeace domination…BUT…simply come along on our little mission to combine amazing music, talented and refined artists and a little friendly and much needed recycling.”

Now on its 3rd event (the 1st 2 were road blocks) The Therapy once again, invite you to indulge in a weekend sanctuary of rhythmic formations, sculptural soundscapes and musical tones. This month’s lineup is set to impress yet again with:

Margaret Dygas ( Perlon // Ostgut Ton // Powershovel ) Joining them for some music therapy of her own is none other than Margaret Dygas. Dygas, although now a Berlin resident is far from unknown to the floors of London’s night life; both as an artist, music lover, and once upon a time – the door girl at Home.

Seuil ( Moon Harbour // EKLO // Circus Company // Culprit // HALF BAKED) The Therapy is more than pleased to host the extraordinarily talented artist, and their very good friend… Seuil. Alexis Bernard, or Seuil to the rest of the world of dance music has constructed a flawless and well deserved reputation as an immensely talented DJ and Producer

Janina ( Club der visionaere )Being made resident of Berlin’s Club de Visionaire at the tender age of eighteen is quite an achievement, one that belongs to Therapy’s third guest for this edition, Janina. Berlin born Janina has been an active part of the music scene since she dropped out of school at sixteen, driven by her obsessive love and determination within the electronic music realm

Robin Ordell ( Leftroom // Remake // HALF BAKED ) Their three European guests will be joined by Robin Ordell, a name and face that most will be familiar with through his Half Baked residency and regular London performances. Ordell’s recently released ‘The Show’ with Felipe Venegas remix on Tolfrey’s label Leftroom and ‘Your’e my edit’ on Remake have received nothing but praise from artists and press alike.

If all this wasn’t enough for their afterparty we are heading to PARIS on the 8th May(Sunday)- 10am till 6pm!!! :

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