The Senior Eight – 2

OK, let’s just cut to the chase with this one. We all know what’s going on, and why we’re here.

Today’s mini moving picture finalists, both of who took home $1,000 from the Royksopp video contest kitty, come in the form of two contrasting styles, which may be partly caused by the fact that the filmmakers hail from two very different regions. As usual, the tunes come from the band’s latest album, Senior, and selections of the winning nine will be shown at the BFI Southbank’s BUG event on Friday.

First up we have the wholly cinematic, not to mention professional looking clip for Senior Living. It’s a rather epic, reflective track, so it makes sense that CONTENTed decided to put this together. And as for the chopstick duel, well, enough said really.

And then there’s ejnsof, who, hailing from Poland, has come up with something resembling a hallucination that’s neither unpleasant, nor comfortable. We want to know if anyone else thought the sentence in the opening minutes was going to read: “This is what happens when you take acid and play on an Amiga.”

In case you missed the other finalists…

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