Quick Fire Interview – Jaguar Skills.


In another of our quick-fire series we catch up with pop-chop master Jaguar skills.

Where in the world are you right now?
In my secret hide-out in the mountains. Playing Pac-Man…..

Which track has been the highlight of your sets this year?
Overall this year, I think it has to be “Babylon” by Congorock. I never get tired of spinning that.

Where can we find you playing this New Years Eve?
I’m rocking out at MOS with the Toolroom Crew…gonna be dropping the midnight tune in the back-room! What an honour, eh?

New Years Eve always gives a DJ the chance to drop some tracks they do not usually get the chance to play, what can we expect to hear from you at Toolroom Knights?
I play a very eclectic set and mix pretty much mix any and every style together. I think it’s gonna be a hectic 60 mins of jump-up music…electro, hip-hop, drum and bass, some dubstep and a bunch of classics!

What have you got planned for 2011 (gigs / album / releases)?
I’m dropping a special mixtape at the start of the year – as well as doing my biggest tour of the UK yet in the spring – check my Myspace for the ‘Revenge of the Ninja Tour’ dates. Plus I have a Son arriving in Jan…so I think I’m gonna be pretty busy with the ninja nappies….

What New Years resolution will you be making?
I’m gonna quit drinking Lucozade Energy Shots.