WD2N – Prometheus EP – MEXA Records

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Title: Prometheus EP
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MEXA Records is on fire right now. For their next trick it is exciting new duo WD2N who team up for the Prometheus EP. WD2N are from two different countries and only started working together in 2013 but already have turned plenty of heads, as will this new EP that features four fantastic tracks.

Up first, Crime of Passion is a devilishly detail brew of intergalactic space age sonics and stormy synths. It’s spine tingling and emotionally resonant, as well as being a hugely inviting groove. Future Society again faces skyward with its cosmic synth energy, trudging kicks and circling space ship sounds. The title track is then a chunkier, more dancefloor focussed affair with downbeat synth notes and a certain sombreness to its grooves. Last but not least, Red Minds gets all nerve jangling and melodically rippled. An epic, attention grabbing track, it should mark the peak of any great DJ set and really announces this pair as truly talented dudes.