Vanni & Fav ‘Delphic’ Favouritizm

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Vanni & Fav Delphic sleeve
Vanni & Fav / Delphic 
Favouritizm / April 2016
Vanni & Fav reveal their next adventure in synthtopia with the profoundly melodic Tech fused ‘Delphic’ on Favouritizm.
Intricate, beautiful and riddled with emotion, ‘Delphic’ is centred around a dynamically dominant bass hook that organically circles around the track, united with other octaves to create a diverse array of intensity. The first of 2 tension filled breakdowns introduces a shimmering synth hook that bursts into a tapestry of pretty harmonies as it jumps back into the groove . The second makes way for the arrival of a climax building set of gut wrenching emotional strings, before exploding back into a mighty finale where all melodies dance together.