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Title: LOVE/KRAFT Part One
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French producer and techno heavyweight Michel Amato has just released the first half of his new album, LOVE/KRAFT, with the second to follow later in the year. Amato, or The Hacker, has been making no-nonsense, hard and heavy techno since the late-90’s, worked as the shadowy disk spinning counterpart to Miss Kittin’s sultry vocals during the electroclash era, and paved the way for the modern explosion in the kind of dark big room French synthness that Bromance currently export.  With that in mind, LOVE/KRAFT Part One is instantly recognisable as classic Hacker.

It has the high energy, big basslines and layers of warped synth that we would expect – this is sweatbox, eyes-to-the-floor stuff. But that also means Amato isn’t doing anything we haven’t heard before; his skills may be honed to perfection, however the range appears limited. LOVE/KRAFT has some truly awesome moments, yet sadly feels a bit routine- don’t expect more than quality rave fuel here.

You can’t fault Amato on integrity, of course. The man has been pounding away in a similar vein since the start of his career. The record kicks off with familiar nods to the punkish electroclash sound, before quickly moving into murkier territory, only to end on a proper fistpounding note. It’s all very moody, which is probably to be expected, with Parallele Universe a taught acid monster that bounces along relentlessly on a smooth and simple baritone. Pure Energy is far more aggressive, comprised of mechanical thuds and fuzzy low ends that work up a paranoid frenzy, and both are undoubtedly LOVE/KRAFT Part One at its strongest, revealing The Hacker in his element. Familiar territory then, but nonetheless great to hear.