Ten Walls ‘Requiem’

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More powerful, musically accomplished dancefloor stuff from the Life & Death crew, an imprint that last found its way onto our pages, and into our hearts over the summer with Mind Against’s epic three-tracker, Atlant. And, whilst this latest offering is (at times) less proggy, less heavy and less 4AM, it’s yet another example of why this organisation has it’s finger on the pulse when it comes to making bodies move- or at least heads nod in the Plain & Simple office.

Not that there aren’t some genuine “what the…” moments on here, the likes of which are destined to send clubbers’ hands to the back of their heads, mid rave, in an attempt to take stock. Mongol’s pounding kicks and waves of airy background atmospherics being the toughest thing on here, it refuses to fall into any standardised techno blueprint, instead preferring to slowly grow into a slightly eerie, Arabesque heads down work out that works very well indeed.

And the same can be said for Ankaris, a glittering, intimate track filled with soaring background chords and delicate percussion. Looped synths provide an edginess that could well induce paranoia if your head’s in the wrong (or right) place. Far less suspenseful is the opening gambit, AKA Requiem, a deep tech affair full of groove, warm pads and huge, low-end heavy staccato keys, although it’s definitely no less enjoyable. All in all then another fine cut from what’s fast becoming one of our go-to labels.