Pris ‘Unbeknown To Us’

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Opening with a track boasting the best peak time techno hook we’ve heard in quite some time, London-based producer Pris’ debut release on the fledgling Resin imprint (formed in 2013) is at times delightful, at others a little disappointing. But don’t let the latter put you off.

Whatever you make of the tracks that follow on this bountiful four tracker, by buying a copy you’ll own the aforementioned- Blind, a stripped and compelling, percussion-heavy roller just begging to be cut and chopped to within an inch of those sledgehammer kicks and hypnotic loops. And what comes next isn’t bad either, more a case of falling short in terms of the grab you by the balls introductory number. From there we find ourselves in A Certain Body‘s sci-fi atmospherics, wherein ambience sounds like a walk on Mars. Meanwhile, Scuff, with its waves of snares and constant drum roll, harks to Plastikman’s Spastik, and Dust does an excellent job in the role of staccato builder. A high standard all round, nevertheless it’s hard not to wonder what could have been if the latter pair shared that same inherent understanding of what makes a dancefloor explode the initial offering was so clearly built on.