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Polish nationally broadcasted radio ‘Gain’ is back for its 133rd edition, this time including huge tracks such as Christopher Ivor’s ‘Naverey Days’ and Julian Velez’ hit ‘Humans Unknown’. Mateo Paz has once again carefully selected a collection of 10 hit tracks that will get you ready for the weekend! You can tune in to ‘Gain’ every week on Radio Kielce Poland but can also be found on Mixcloud so international fans can listen too.

Following a string of successful original productions and remixes, Mateo Paz released a single with Grammy-nominated Eddie Amador and Kwanza Jones in 2017– reaching the Top 20 on the Billboard Chart. Mateo Paz spends every waking minute on improving himself as an artist and only striving to be the best at both DJ’ing and producing. ‘Gain’ is truly a labour of love with Mateo.

‘Gain #133’ is available to listen to now on Mixcloud. Tune in every Sunday to

hear more from Mateo Paz.

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Gain 133 Tracklist▼ 
1. Philchansky, Paul Murashov – Light On (Extended Mix) [Sakura Records] (00:00-05:03)
2. Christopher Ivor – Naverey Days (Original Mix) [Kitchen Recordings] (05:03-11:32)
3. MockBeat – Abducted (Original Mix) [Wood] (11:32-17:26)
4. Sergio Sergi – On My Rules  [Growing Beat] (17:26-22:22)
5. NUA – Nepenthe (Tomas Tejeda Remix) [3xA Music] (22:22-29:09)
6. Julian Velez – Humans Unknown  [Hatching Creatures] (29:09-34:57)
7. Savaggio & Stereophonie – Passionata  [Amber Blue Records] (34:57-41:56)
8. Forest Weed – Friends (Ge Bruny remix) [WaitAudio] (41:56-48:00)
9. Dj Vivona feat. Jinadu – Bones (Original Mix) [Street King] (48:00-53:19)
10. soSoso – Galaxis (Original Mix) [Soleid] (53:19-58:22)