jozif – Rutka EP – Leftroom LTD

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Title: Rutka EP
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“Funky and intimate” is how jozif describes his usual musical output. But this London producer’s latest EP is darker and has a more cosmic leaning than you might expect from a veteran of Culprit and Crosstown Rebels.

His debut on Leftroom LTD, the offshoot of Leftroom Records specialising in all things ‘wobbly’, is a swinging, low-fidelity ride across rutted bassy terrain. The three-tracker (with a bonus Hearthrob remix thrown in) foregrounds the low end, with big yet simple basslines doing most of the talking. There’s a playful coolness about jozif’s work that makes you want to boogie, and his Rutka EP is loaded with the good stuff.

As a producer, he has always been a deft hand at crafting the kind of bouncy tech-house that has grown so popular in UK clubs during recent years and this release shows off those well-honed skills. The tunes are all fairly similar, but this doesn’t matter too much when it’s such an instantly likable sound. The title and opening track hits the listener with a rumbling slinky baritone that rolls away under chopped and screwed vocals, building to some truly impressive breakdowns. Afraid of Dee is also worth a mention; its quirky, plinky-plonky melody played over booming percussive hits making for a truly infectious outing. While the tracks here are good, though, they should be thought of as kindling- fodder to warm clubbers up for bigger tunes later on. A little too friendly to be blasted on grimey dancefloors at 5am, then, but not quite so sweet as to be without menace.