Ghustav Ft. Lettie ‘All I Ever Wanted’ Claps Records

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Title: All I Ever Wanted
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Ghustav Feat. Lettie ‘All I Ever Wanted’
Claps Records / February 2016
There’s a new Italian dance label in town courtesy of DJ/Producer Luca Guerrieri (DVS Records / D:vision) and event specialist Marco Roncetti, who together with Claps Records are set to rumble their way on to the global dance music scene. The label’s stylish debut release comes from Tuscan House producer Ghustav and features British singer / songwriter, Lettie, who lends her sultry voice and penning skills to the delicious ‘All I Ever Wanted’. The result is a proper nice slab of sensual, Deep House, underpinned by an infectious 90’s style piano hook with lashings femininity and chic. Prrrrrrr!