Francis Inferno Orchestra – A New Way of Living – Voyeurhythm

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Title: A New Way Of Living
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Appealing to our senses in the same way as last year’s Raw Poet from Washerman (albeit with far less of a stripped ethic) and Proviant Audio’s Real Love Tastes Like This, another firm favourite in this office that hasn’t left the hi-fi since it landed in 2011, it’s safe to say we thoroughly enjoyed this seven-track debut long form offering from Francis Inferno Orchestra. And it couldn’t have come along at a better time, either.

Opening with the sublime, laidback piano stepper, First Light, the warmth and textures evident in the arrangement are all about summer, and with the following choppy beats and breaks number, Rap Beef, this sun kissed, barbecue and block party atmosphere continues. Even Scary TV‘s refrained synth stabs, frenetic hand claps and snares (nodding to the likes of Com Truise and The Deadly Avenger, only in more of a traditional four four kind of way) don’t manage to make things feel any less intoxicatingly welcoming. And, when leading into the string and Windy City beats of Ellingfort Road, the Australian producer’s invitation is nigh on impossible to refuse. On the whole then, quality house music as read via hip hop and jazz- what more do you need to soundtrack all these long days?