Dominik Vaillant ‘Skyscraper EP’ Lauter Unfug

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Dominik Vaillant 
‘Skyscraper EP’ (Including Boy Next Door and Chris Hartwig Remixes)
Lauter Unfug / July 2016
Modern Techno pioneer Dominik Vaillant joins the Lauter Unfug Music family for his brand new ‘Skyscraper EP’. ‘Skyscraper’ is a striking slab of melancholic fused Tech-House, powered by a dark, low slung, bassline and combined with deep beats and atmospheric breakdowns. Berlin’s Boy Next Door turns up the Technostat, delivering 2 driving mixes to work the floor – The ‘3am Remix’ grooves with a heavy bass rumble and is full of tension with it’s dramatic synth stabs, he then gets deeper and darker injecting a heavy kick and emotive synth washes on his ‘7am Remix’, creating that perfect dance floor gift for the end of the night. Chris Hartwig then delivers a sublime Tech House chugger that’s potent with drops drizzled with elegantly haunting melodies that each in turn explode back into his hypnotic groove.
“With this track I tried to transmit to the listener this deep dark feeling that we are all looking when we go dancing to our favourite club” – Dominik Vaillant