Dan Beaumont ‘The Trip EP’

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Title: The Trip EP
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A bumper package from the still-riding-on-a-relaunch-high Classic Music Company, Luke Solomon and Derrick Carter’s much lauded house imprint, showcases the owner of London’s Dance Tunnel and Dalston Superstore venues in fine form. Evidently running two quality nocturnal destinations has armed him with the kind of knowledge required to make people move their feet and hips.

All three tracks- Trippy PumperDan’s Jam and This Feeling are clearly designed to get the party started, throwing heavy kicks drums, tribalistic accents and sleaze-inflected low ends at anyone in earshot. The former being the most up front and driving of the trio, complete with wasp-in-jar hook that doesn’t let up, and well timed variations in the hi-hat section, adding to the sense of urgency and forward motion. By contrast the other pair are less intense and arguably a little funkier too, opting to have us jacking around to filthy, loose beats rather than punching fists in an acid-driven frenzy. In short then, everything on here is destined to get people rather sweaty, meanwhile the sister remix EP, containing re-workings by October and Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s, is also well worth tracking down .