Alex Flatner and LOPAZZ ‘Purpose EP’

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Title: Purpose EP
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This new Purpose EP is something special. Alex Flatner has been in the studio again with his sometime partner LOPAZZ, working hard to bring you some very interesting stuff. Their new package moves away from that heavy techno sound the pair are most known for and into more abstract, experimental realms. While the music doesn’t quite have that bang to it that makes you want to stomp both feet, there is something enchanting about it. The kind of tracks you wish you knew the name of when they are stuck in your head the morning after.

Released on Flatner’s own Circle Records, Purpose seems to be the epitome of the label. The imprint is well known for a refined and, dare we say, sophisticated output. By avoiding the straightforward hit-you-over-the-head-with-bass approach that provides a cheap thrill and floods so much of the scene, the Circle crew command a wide range of more subtle sounds to pleasure your eardrums. And Purpose does that wonderfully.

Nevertheless, all three songs on the package are different. The titular number is distinctive thanks to Nick Maurer’s vocals, referencing Kraftwerk-era, robotic electro tones as they do. In fact the whole song draws on plenty from that era, telescoping laser sounds and all. It pumps away with an infectious rhythm and an atmosphere that almost makes you forget it’s 2014.

Meanwhile, My Amy boasts a percussion-heavy tribal feel and dense soundscape. The most instantly captivating of the three, with long bending synth notes and a bass line that will keep the dancefloor busy. Tomorrow is different yet again; echoey minimal tech-house with haunting vocal samples that reverberate throughout as a solid bass groove works its magic underneath, pinning everything to its clear rhythm. These tracks aren’t stand alone bangers but if they were dropped into a set you would know that it’s just been taken to another level.