More Claps with Clara Cuve, MarcelDune, Ceili, Bakongo(Roska), Eleanor, Tabideee, Analogue, Dekapod at | 18th September

More Claps with Clara Cuve, MarcelDune, Ceili, Bakongo(Roska), Eleanor, Tabideee, Analogue, Dekapod
18th Sep | 23:01-06:01

Unable to visit Berghain in the past year, we thought we’d bring a slice of Berlin to Corsica Studios in the shape of Clara Cuve who will lead an all-star Room 1 techno cast including heavy hitters MarcelDune and Ceili front and back.

For Room 2, we’ve enlisted a crack team of fellow 1020 Radio fam to guarantee a classic Room 2 shell-down and complete proceedings in Panoramic fashion.

Clara Cuve
A DJ who needs little introduction. Clara’s deep love of music naturally lead her to begin accumulating a record collection throughout the years, which she deploys during her energetic sets ranging from fast and groovy Techno to Breakbeat, Jungle and Hardcore, always focusing on groove and dynamics. After becoming part of the Munich label Stock5 and their monthly event series at Rote Sonne, she made her way to Berlin where she became a resident at the infamous event series Mess that takes place at OHM and started touring all over the world. In 2020 she released her debut track “Control” on R-Label Groups first compilation “Sektion 1”.

Is an experimental electronic music artist from Athens, Greece. Her music is created by combining modular synthesizers with analogue and digital sounds in addition to field recordings (including various techniques and knowledge gained from jazz studies and opera singing). She mainly draws inspiration from street culture and the unique rawness it exhibits. One other key element that manifests in Marcel Dune’s music, is the underground culture, more specifically the people surrounding it and how they express their frustration, problems and society’s oppression through music and dance.

The ‘DJ from the sticks in Ireland’ Dylan Moran, has had a remarkably strong start in the world of speedy underground techno parties. First coming to wider attention via his ‘Rough N Ready’ EP on Dutch imprint OBSCUUR in 2019. By the following year he propelled his fast and crunchy, yet playful brand of techno forward on Lobster Theremin and its sub-labels, also securing a release on Gaja’s home for moody experimentation Ophism and Ellen Aliens long running Bpitch.
As a common face DJing amongst London’s club and after-party scene, particularly at the infamous Jaded after-hours, Dylan has also used his regular appearances on Tottenham’s Threads Radio and Rinse France to show off the full range of his rapid fire rave attack.
Now pushing his Mala Adh label and radio shows from his home-base of London, Ceili is one to watch for fans of accelerating bleep brutality in the coming years.

When it comes to London sounds it’s hard to overlook the ground Wayne Goodlitt has covered through his Roska alias. Wayne has been at the forefront of UK underground music, merging genres and pushing UK Funky for just over a decade. With an abundance of styles and influences around, not least from his Jamaican heritage as well as South African house styles, in 2008 he was able to start two projects at once. Continuing to pursue the Roska route, with UK Funky having its peak around 2011, Wayne was able to tour the world for years and become an ambassador for the sound and clearly becoming the only artist to have had such success. Bakongo would put an EP out every so often – in-between the Rinse and RKS label releases for Roska – which became useful Tribal tools for DJ’s across different genres. Fast forward a few years, Bakongo would see more requests in terms of style, releasing on Mele’s Quadrants label and LA based record label Pink Turban. 2019 saw Wayne wanting to change his style and focus more on Bakongo, adding elements of Broken Techno and Tribal House and keeping the genre bending elements we’re used to hearing into one. This closely led to his EP on Livity Sound. Originally sent to a few DJ’s as feelers, the positive feedback lead to Peverelist asking what’s up next for the music. Currently working on a live show will see more of Bakongo in a more consistent light.

Brought up in Sydney but now based in South London, ELEANOR (fka FUCKINGELLE) presents the best in contemporary high-energy club music from both sides of the pond, with a healthy dose of vintage rave and hardcore also in the mix. As a DJ, she’s recently guested on Rinse FM with both Mall Grab and Teki Latex as well as Morgan Hislop on Reprezent Radio. After taking up production during lockdown, she’s had her original music played by Jaguar on BBC Radio 1 Introducing, The Blessed Madonna, Anz and India Jordan.

By stripping techno back to its black beat influences, Tabideee’s selections are an ode to her community’s contributions to the genre. Seamlessly lacing depressive electronic sounds with Grime, UK Funky, garage and Afrobeats, Tabideee is delivering to you a set that screams power, resistance and black joy. One of 1020 Radio’s new breakthrough’s and one to watch.

Rounding off the lineup will see support from residents; Analogue bringing a room 1 techno selection, Dekapod playing his usual blend of techno/electro and Cohnmanaman bringing South African house vibes.


General Admission: GBP 10.00

Category: Nightlife | Nightclub

Date and Time: 18th September 2021 at 11:00 pm to 6:00 am

Venue details: Corsica Studios, 5 Elephant Road, London, England, SE17 1LB, United Kingdom

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