New EP From Kiba – ‘Echoes’

There are a lot of special quantities about Kiba that differentiate him from the plethora of Electronic music producers in the world today. A self-proclaimed virtual voyager, Kiba combines art and life with his music, creating ethereal experiences for the listener to take them outside of just a sound based realm. The US based producer’s newest offering ‘Echoes’ is an example of just how unique his work is, and why you should be keeping an ear out for him – you wont regret it.

Starting with the title track, gorgeous strings and acoustic instruments are effortlessly blended together to create a backing soundscape, before the production prowess really steps in. Aggressive lead synths and punchy percussion take charge, combining well to add contrasting elements to the track. ‘Before You’ features the vocals of Landry Cantrell and switches up the vibes, with four to the floor kick drums ensuring the track rolls smoothly alongside the fresh and clean sounding vocals. Layered synthesis is a feature of Kiba’s productions, and there are many different sounds at play in this masterpiece. The EP is seen out with ‘A New Horizon’. Airy and spacy piano chords are at the forefront, before a brutal synth and heavy drums take over. Gorgeous vocals lace the track, adding a finishing touch to a glitch, electronic symphony courtesy of Kiba. Exploring a wonder of sounds, combining silence and space with intoxicating percussion and destructive synthesis, this EP has everything you’d expect from a truly marvelous producer.

Forthcoming on Simplify, ‘Echoes’ is available on digital platforms from the 14th May. You’d be a fool to miss this one.

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