‘I Want It All’ The Newest Offering From DJ Phonon

After starting 2018 with the massive release of his new EP ‘Future’, DJ Phonon is looking to build on that success and head in to the spring with two amazing new releases under his belt. ‘I Want It All’ is a three track, explorative exhibition of the DJ Phonon sound. If you haven’t already had your interest tickled, here is everything you need to know.

The EP starts off with House infused synthesis and melody-a-plenty with the title track. Featuring the addictive vocal feature of Austin Leeds, Phonon perfectly executes a symphonic and electronic masterpiece with perfectly lathered elements still leaving room for the track to breathe. ‘It’s a Paradise’ is a different flavor, with Techno influences and Trance styles noticeable throughout. Even Grime-esque synths make an appearance; all effortlessly combined by the producer to show his music really does know no bounds. ‘Let it Burn’ combines these two tracks to create an airy yet powerful, emotion packed tune. Beautiful reverb and Phonon’s tight percussion compliment each other and allow for a mid range to be packed with unique synths and melodies.

Owner of Axiom Records, DJ Phonon and his musical know how have set up for a big future. With tracks like these he is destined for a bright one, and his evocative productions are likely to continue growing in prowess and reaching even more listeners as time goes on.

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