Mert Butuner has dropped his 4th edition of his Mashup Pack!

Manchester’s very own Mert Butuner has released the fourth edition of his ‘Mashup Pack’ series. Available for a free download on Soundcloud, Mert has put together a mashup of 6 of the biggest tracks at the moment including Mike Williams take on David Guetta and Anne-Marie’s tune ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone’ and the huge Retrovision […]

Mateo Paz’ Gain #129 is out now!

Polish sensation Mateo Paz has released the next instalment of his radio show ‘Gain’. The show is broadcasted nationally each week on Radio Kielce Poland and uploaded regularly on Mixcloud to keep his international fans occupied too. Including tracks from Mike Jaguar, George Acosta and EDX, this particular broadcast reached number 11 on the Electronic […]

’15 Years of Robsoul Recordings – Volumes 1, 2 & 3′

’15 Years of Robsoul Recordings – Volumes 1, 2 & 3′ / Various Artists Robsoul Recordings / August 2014 Longevity in the fickle world of dance music is a rare characteristic, as labels, producers and DJs come and go.  So for Parisian stalwart Phil Weeks and his ever reliable Robsoul imprint, with 15 years of pumping […]

Various Artists – Italo House Compiled by Joey Negro – Z Records

Joey Negro’s latest compilation follows on from his recent winning selection, Remixed With Love. With his wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for crate-digging it’s understandable that Italo House is getting his preferential treatment this time, with over 20 tracks covering the genres late-1980’s and early-90’s heyday. From deeper classics to lesser known gems that perhaps […]

Various Artists ‘RSN002’

After we fell head over heels for the pre-Christmas Pris cut, Blind (as featured on his Unbeknownst To Us EP) it was with some excitement that the next release on the Resin imprint landed on our plate. Featuring the aforementioned artist, who seems intent on slamming chunky four four techno at anyone who will listen, along with […]

Various Artists ‘Studio Rockers @ The Controls Level 2’

If there’s a current album that best exemplifies how sounds that loosely fall under the term ‘bass’ offer a potentially awkward juxtaposition between snappy, broken beat dirt and 4AM-at-a-rave beauty, but somehow manage to deliver that meld coherently, then this second instalment in the Studio Rockers series is it. Veering from neo-jungle to the dubby […]

Various Artists ‘DJ Kicks: Brandt Brauer Frick’

Anyone hoping Brandt Brauer Frick would select a host of tracks in the vein of the Ensemble’s organic, minutely detailed takes on techno (see also the 2013 album, Miami) for their addition to !K7’s acclaimed DJ Kicks series may be in for a disappointment. Taking very little time at all to realise its potential, what’s actually […]

Various Artists ’10 Years of Phonica Records’

Spanning a generous three discs, comprising 33 tracks, this celebratory release aimed at making it clear London’s Phonica has been purveying fine beats for a decade, obviously wants to land with some impact. Along with a seemingly obligatory CD or vinyl of in-house classics, we also have a pair boasting nothing but previously unreleased material, making […]

Various Artists – Schemata

With the ongoing explosion of house music in clubs around the UK it’s easy to get caught up in the hype machine. But the eternal quest to find the newest, deepest, most innovative sounds will always remain frustrating. When people start throwing around labels like “progressive minimal tekfunk” questions must surface over the absurdity of […]

Various Artists ‘EPM Selected Volume 2’

With its opening gambit the latest compilation from our good friends at one of the UK’s finest electronic music promotion agencies-turned-record labels states the intention clearly. “We want filth… we don’t want commercial interruptions… leave us alone.” Despite the paraphrasing, hopefully you get the point. As was proved with both EPM Volume 1 and EPM […]