Hit Play on JiLLi’s New Track: a Dynamic Production Titled ‘Pure Bread’

Los Angeles-based Singer-Songwriter/Producer JiLLi drops her latest Indie Electronic track, ‘Pure Bread’. Known for her emotive voice and lyrical ingenuity, JiLLi adds a fresh and compelling production to her growing discography with this new release, showcasing her innovative approach that continues to garner her attention from genre enthusiasts across the globe.  

JiLLi’s journey from New York to Los Angeles has seen her evolve into a versatile Artist with influences spanning Rock, Pop, and Electronic genres. Her early start in music, playing guitar and singing in bands, laid the foundation for her varied musical talents, expanding her musical horizons with her education at the renowned music production school Icon Collective. Now, whilst continuing to inspire as a Staff Vocalist Instructor at Icon Collective, JiLLi seeks to make her own mark within Electronic Music, offering diverse vocals with the release of her sample packs, ‘Passion Vocals’ and ‘Rainbow of Emotions’, alongside notable performances with Artists like Muerte and at festivals like Countdown with Klaxx for their unreleased track ‘Dream’. Poised to cement a reputation on the scene, JiLLi now puts forward another unique soundscape, aiming to impress listeners and solidify her name high on the list of talents to be watched closely within Electronic Music today.   

As ‘Pure Bread’ seamlessly blends JiLLi’s signature vocal style with dynamic electronic beats, creating a sound fresh and original, the track invites listeners to discover its unique energy, compelling in its engaging quality. With the potent bassline acting as the driving force behind the arrangement, supported by shimmering synth hits and vocal layers, ‘Pure Bread’ evolves into a distinct sonic journey punctuated by laidback rhythms, lyrical depth, and filtered details, resulting in an experience that is absorbing in vibes, immersive in the dynamic sound delivered. 

With the versatility of JiLLi’s talents on display, encapsulating her journey and growth as an Artist, ‘Pure Bread’ comes as the ideal production to discover JiLLi’s creativity and experience the unique blend of emotion and energy she consistently brings within her music. 

So, showing no signs of slowing down, stay tuned to JiLLi’s news and upcoming projects by following her across social media. ‘Pure Bread’ is out now and is available to stream and download across platforms. 


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