Freekbass Drops Must-Listen Single Titled ‘Good Time’

Freekbass offers more compelling energy with his newest Disco / Funk release, ‘Good Time’. With a momentum that keeps propelling him forward, supported by his passion for music and commitment towards bringing his signature sound to listeners around the globe, Freekbass maintains a dedicated work ethic, showing no signs of slowing down as he adds another fresh production to his rapidly growing release catalogue.  

Having garnered attention this year through his win of the ‘TikTok Live Fest’, an accolade celebrating the top 30 creators globally, Freekbass continues paving an exciting musical journey, focussing his creativity on building his reputation further. Having been maintaining a consistent release schedule that has seen him drop numerous productions this year already, including tracks like ‘FREEK MACHINE’ and ‘Change My Mind’, Freekbass is no doubt making impressive strides when it comes to establishing himself on the scene, continuing to present music that makes an impact. As he puts forward a signature style that is innovative in its approach, integrating live instrumentation like bass guitar, keys, and percussion into both his studio productions and live performances, Freekbass appears unique in his creativity, distinguishing himself with music that fuses genres, sounds, and styles.  

Now, Freekbass once again invites listeners to discover refreshing vibes with another bold production highlighting his creative individuality. With a groovy bassline, playful synths, and punchy beats, ‘Good Time’ brings a funky energy from the very start, evolving into a soundscape of intricate details that keep the track driving forward. The catchy vocal line that takes centre stage throughout introduces energetic flavour to the production, acting as the guiding force that leads the listening experience, layering in filtered lines of captivating melodies and wordless harmonies. A track that embodies the dynamic energy inherent to Freekbass’ signature style, ‘Good Time’ keeps its lively intensity high throughout, bringing dancefloor vibes with its colourful details and uplifting sound.  

With this new track highlighting Freekbass’ unique musicality, ‘Good Time’ comes as an enlightening listen for those looking to dive deeper into his sonic universe while positioning Freekbass’ name to climb even higher on the list of DJs and Producers to follow closely.  

So, be sure to stay tuned as Freekbass continues to carve his unique way within Electronic Music by following him across social media today. ‘Good Time’ is out now and is available to stream and download across platforms.  


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