MarVes & UNYKE Join Forces To Release ‘The Underground’

MarVes and UNYKE join forces to present their first powerful release via Future Rave Music. ’The Underground’ hits as the artists’ first collaboration together and with the label. 

Future Rave Music known for its powerhouse releases from the best up-and-coming talent from all over the world, is ready to add a new hit to its catalog filled with certified bangers, as ’The Underground’ fits the bill to the the label’s next chart-topping single. 

The collaboration between MarVes and UNYKE is one of a kind. The talented pair are ready to showcase their style and sound through this remarkable production. MarVes is a Bulgarian born DJ and music producer that started his music journey at an early age, now, his passion for Electronic Dance music has pushed him to refine his sound and style, aiming high and dropping sensational tracks. UNYKE on the other hand, is a young Spanish DJ and music producer that keen to the sounds of EDM, has not only delved into the world of music production, but has already placed some of his releases on prominent Beatport charts. These artists are surely putting their name high on the list of unmissable acts. 

With growling and stabbing synths, hard-hitting bass lines and powerful, dynamic beat. ‘The Underground’ is a perfect blend between these two gifted artists. From the start, the song prepares the listener for an uplifting ride. 

The track releases itself to vast and euphoric drops where a new energy punch meets the listener every now and then; all while pads and panned sonic elements paint the mighty yet mysterious soundscape. 

A piano interlude introduces a short intermission where the main vocals announce the journey’s mission and destination. Meanwhile, the powerful low-end through the bass and the beat keep the energy up.  

This exceptional track features an uplifting Future Rave vibe with a dark Techno feel, creating the perfect mix between both worlds, the classic Future Rave synth sounds skillfully designed by the talented MarVes, and UNYKE’s signature sound as they both reach new grounds with this new production. 

Make sure to follow Future Rave Music as they continue to showcase the best music in the Electronic music world, and keep an eye on MarVes and UNYKE as this is just the beginning of their musical journey. 

‘The Underground’ is out now and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms. 

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