Archives for September 2021

Tune in to The Latest Episodes of Cyazon’s Cyber Future Radio Show

Cyazon welcomes a brand-new month of shows, with a consistent weekly radio show hosted by one of the most innovative artists in the industry. Cyazon continues to push the boat out in terms of his musical style where he is constantly testing the boundaries of conventional music and his sound has come on leaps and […]

‘Somewhere’ Marks Another Impressive Visual Release From Lenell Brown

Lenell Brown welcomes a brand-new video release titled ‘Somewhere’ as part of his ongoing ‘Bring it To Life’ video series which has gained a large amount of support and attention over the last coming months. You can expect to be treated to high-quality and enjoyable videos with each release, as Lenell Brown continues to send […]

Budding Vocalist Justina Branches out in a New Direction

Hailing from London, Justina developed her love for singing, dancing, and acting at just six years old. With influences built around her image from her Nigerian parents and some of the most prolific singers like Beyonce and Alicia Keys, she is well on her way to the top of her domain. Some of her career […]

‘Tu Sabe’ Marks Another Impressive Hit From Jacob Colon

If you’re looking to keep it hot in the last bit of heat for the summer, tune in the Jacob Colon’s newest hit. Jacob Colon strikes again with his brand-new release ‘Tu Sabe’, dropping on 06/09/2021 with the imprint that always delivers – ‘Made 2 Move Records’. Armed with a discography of club-ready anthems already behind him […]

‘Just Like You’ Marks Tops off Another Successful Release for Ken Bauer

Ken Bauer’s musical talents are a gift that evidently comes naturally to the Swedish DJ and Producer, after playing piano from a young age Ken then took an interest in the art of music production and released his debut single just for fun back in 2014. His latest release ‘Just Like You’ is another unmissable hit […]

Flatfoot Sam Continues to Send Shockwaves With ‘R3lease’

Flatfoot Sam makes another appearance this summer with the release of his brand-new production ‘R3lease’ coming on 01/09/2021. Flatfoot Sam managed to harness his creative capabilities to utilize his talent with 3 main tools, Ableton Live, Guinness, and some songwriting. You can expect to hear a heady mixture of influences that have built up Flatfoot […]