Doors Open – Industry Jobs from Resident Advisor

Resident Advisor has launched the first-ever electronic music jobs board, Doors Open.

Doors Open was created to connect job seekers who harbour nightlife and music industry career aspirations with potential employers. Participants can sign up for alerts from specific companies and categories, or simply browse across all the listed jobs. Employers will receive applications directly and will be able to manage them either via Doors Open or using their current applicant tracking system.

“The world of electronic music is shaped not only by artists and fans, but also by thousands of independent businesses, from clubs to booking agents to publishers and promoters,” said RAcofounder Nick Sabine. “Many are founded by passionate people with the goal of making a meaningful contribution to electronic music. It’s the network of these companies on which the vitality of our scene depends. Doors Open is a place for people to connect with companies and projects they believe in, and for independent music companies to find the staff they need.”

Doors Open will launch with over 100 music-specific jobs in more than ten cities. Positions are currently available at companies like Beatport, Boiler Room, Elsewhere NYC, Broadwick Live/Printworks, fabric, Ninja Tune, Temporary Secretary, Splice, Avant Gardner and !K7.

Recognising that not everyone has equal access to opportunity, Doors Open will donate 20 percent of profits to charities that empower people using the arts and that provide training and education to help the disadvantaged find work.

Sign up to Doors Open here.

We at Plain&Simple think this is a great move for the industry and have now added a Jobs RSS feed to our sidebar on the website. – Tom Chubb